Exaudi Family Business Consulting
Family Business Consulting


We develop specialized solutions adapted to the uniqueness of each business family. We are committed to the guidance towards the excellence of the family organization.

Family Council

We guide families to undertake or reorganize the Family Council, transforming this body into the prime forum for defining the family strategy to manage its patrimony, adapting it to the particular character of each family group, and steering the potential conflicts as learning processes.

Corporate Governance

Using an exhaustive analysis of the governance bodies as a starting point, we detect the family business management system needs, and quickly address them to strengthen the performance of the business and improve future decision-making processes.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

We develop strategies to strengthen conflict management, negotiation abilities and emotional management within enterprising families, with the purpose of preserving and consolidating intra-family relations by promoting communication at family and corporate levels.

FAMILY Protocol

This is a process that allows us to approach the long term vision with the enterprising family, with the purpose of defining the provisions that will govern its relationship with the preservation, growth and succession of the shared patrimony. Our methodology channels the process to the identification of the values and principles, making it possible to explore the dreams and expectations of the family group. This is defined as a “Shared Dream”, and is the basis to build a common vision, that will serve as the guideline to define the rules for the road ahead.

Safety and risk analisis

We develop a process to design an integral structure adapted to the family group’s unique characteristics. The complexity of the enterprising family’s safety increases as the business characteristics and the environment become more complex. This creates the need for specific solutions to grant the wellbeing of the enterprising family, reputational risk management and patrimony risk management.


This is a strategic program for the development of every family member. It maps the route for the future owners and governors, independently of their involvement in the operations or directive boards of the businesses. NEXTStep is a key factor for the cohesion and value transmission from one generation to the next. This program implements a methodology to achieve the transcendence of enterprising families one hundred years ahead.

Board of Directors

We develop the platform to support the relationship of the enterprising family with their business. The Board of Directors or Administrative Council is the forum that defines the actions that will directly impact sensitive areas like strategic planning and future investments. In this context, we guide them through the different stages of the process of formation and reinforcement of a structure that contributes to the creation of value and wealth in the family business.


We support families and optimize individual and shared equity management through meticulous information analysis, to provide the appropriate tools for the management and decision-making processes that offer the best profitability and use sustainability as the cornerstone for family development.