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Family Protocol


This methodology allows the enterprising family and the consultants to work together in the definition of this path in three phases: Diagnosis, Design of Governance Bodies, and Definition of provisions of the Family Protocol.

The enterprising family might just be initiating a family management system, or might have a Family Protocol that no longer adapts to the characteristics and needs of the family group. In any of these cases, we guide them in the process to explore and define the new rules that will support the management of the business and the generational transition of the patrimony.

By embarking on this process, the enterprising family will:

  • Plan and define a set of rules that are adapted to their characteristics and needs, for a safe management of the family patrimony. These rules will be coherent with the family values and focused on the vision of the future.

  • Provide the family management system with consensual guidelines that allows them to have flexibility, depth and a clear interpretation of the family group’s needs and wants.

  • Establish validated and agreed guidelines as the base to address conversations about topics that are sensitive but needed for the evolution of the vision of the patrimony.

  • Promote values and principles that define the family, which are part of their history and cultural heritage.


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