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About Us

We are a team of advisers, expert in providing guidance to enterprising families in the preservation of their legacy and patrimony


Since 2010, we have been accompanying and orienting business families through several consulting processes, strengthening the governance structures required to ensure continuity of family business.

What we do

We accompany business families through several consulting processes, strengthening the governance structures required to ensure continuity of the family patrimony.

Why we do it

We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit of families is key for the development of society. Family is the cornerstone of any society.


Our team of advisers is based in several countries, to give direct support to enterprising families during their consulting processes. Contact us to learn more about our services

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We create value for our clients and associates relying on a team of high-profile professionals




Expert on corporate governance, and the strategic planning of succession and family patrimony. He has served as advisor for numerous business families on their protocols, generational transition, alignment of family vision and values for decision-making, and conflict resolution. Author of the books “Family Businesses: Tools for the Management of Love and Money” and “Handbook for the Family Business”.  Lecturer and educator in the field of the family business in Latin America. Fellow member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston, USA. Recognized in 2015 with the International Achievement Award of the Family Firm Institute.




Expert on family businesses corporate governance; the design, strengthening and development of government structures like family councils, boards of directors, advisory boards and cousin’s consortium. Facilitator of family dynamics in the area of family and business, mainly in generational renewal, changes and new ventures. Author of articles on family businesses in Latin America, international lecturer and accredited with the certificate “Resources for the Directors’ Capacitation for Leadership in Corporate Government”, International Financial Corporation (IFC). Member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), credited with the Certificate in Family Business Advising and the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising. Fellow member of the FFI Boston, USA.




Expert on NextGen and integration processes of new generations to the family business. Author of the book “Family Business Survival Handbook” and renowned lecturer on transformation processes. Mr. Fisas is passionate about teaching, and has trained senior executives, directors and entrepreneurs on transformation processes and experiential marketing.




Expert in corporate governance, corporate structuring and estate planning. Lisa has years of experience supporting family enterprises in designing and implementing a governance model that allows for effective decisions making processes and strategic planning of generational transitions. She is a graduate of Columbia Law School and admitted to the New York Bar. She has an MBA from Barna Business School and an LL.M in International Business from University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. She is an international speaker, accredited with the Certificate in Family Business Advising of the Family Firm Institute based in Boston and and member of Family Firm Institute Board of Directors




Expert on family office, governance and development programs for generational replacement. As a mentor, she has guided senior executives in the development of their leadership abilities, on the areas of family, organizations and foundations. Graduate degree on Family Systems of the Georgetown Family Center, and credited with the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising and the Advanced Certificate in Family Wealth Advising of the Family Firm Institute.



Mauricio Chaparro

Expert on family business advising, Mr. Chaparro has guided high net-worth families on the implementation of integrated safety strategies for the family group and family project, under scenarios involving geographic, multicultural and multigenerational expansion. Mr. Chaparro obtained his graduate degree in Global Executive Master in Business Administration from the EDHEC Business School. Member of the Family Firm Institute and credited as Certified Family Business Advisor.

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Paula Rincón

Expert on the guidance of the dynamics of enterprising families’ dynamics during conflict resolution and negotiation processes, as well as on the creation of family and business strategies for legacy transmission. In her professional career, Ms. Rincón has guided family performance within the corporate governance bodies, aiming for the strengthening and cohesion of the family system as well as the long term success and continuity of businesses. She is a clinical psychologist, trained in negotiation at the Harvard Law School. Credited with the Family Business Advisor from the Family Firm Institute (FFI). Chair of the FFI Ibero-American Study Group for Enterprising Families.



Sandra alonso

Relationships and negotiation. Extensive knowledge and experience in negotiation, relationships with associations, local leaders and entrepreneurs. Responsible for strengthening the relations of Exaudi Family Business Consulting with relevant stakeholders in the area of Houston, Texas. Ms. Alonso is a trainer of mediation, negotiation techniques and assertive communication.



Sissi Graessel

Responsible of the administrative area. Extensive knowledge in project management, supervision, recruiting and budgeting. Her support to the team creates the appropriate conditions of control and confidence in the process of management and the finances.



María gabriela molina

Corporate communications and marketing. Member of the specialized content editorial committee at Exaudi Family Business Consulting.