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This is a strategic program for the development of every family member. It maps the route for the future owners and governors, independently of their involvement in the operations or directive boards of the businesses. It is specifically designed to help enterprising families define the itinerary and scenarios for succession, independently of the new generations members’ age.

This process aligns the family group’s vision and is key for the cohesion and transmission of values from one generation to the next, implementing concepts and processes to achieve the transcendence of enterprising families one hundred years ahead. By implementing this methodology, the family and the consultants work together in the definition of this pathway through three stages: Exploration, Analysis and Definition.

NEXTStep makes it possible to define the pathway for a single person or for a whole generation (or more than one at a time). It can be applied to the succession of both partners and business leadership.

NEXTStep allows addressing the following solutions:

  • Outline a clear path and conditions for succession of partners.

  • Outline a clear path and conditions for succession of leadership.

  • Empowerment of new generations.

  • Distil values from the business to the family, and vice versa.

  • Facilitate multigenerational integration.

  • Clarify doubts among members of the enterprising family about future scenarios and how they condition succession.

  • Solve doubts and obstacles within the business organization, particularly among non-family members, regarding the enterprising family’s scope of action and successors’ participation.


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