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Safety and Risk Analysis


Safety of the enterprising family becomes more complex depending on the risks and characteristics of the business and its environment. We design a process based on an integral structure adapted to the family group’s unique characteristics, and create solutions to grant the wellbeing of the enterprising family, reputational risk management and patrimony risk management.

Preserving trust spaces and confidentiality guarantee the effectiveness of the safety solution designed for the family. This is the reason why the diagnose and analysis process follows strict protocols and include experts in safety for high patrimony families. Thereafter, comes a period of follow up and support for the structure that has been implemented.

This allows mitigation of risks, such as:

  • Patrimony losses.

  • Reputational damage.

  • Damage to business secrets.

  • Extortion and kidnapping.

  • Trust spaces vulnerability.

  • Inefficient investment in safety structure.

  • Industrial espionage.

  • Leakage of sensitive information.


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