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Corporate Governance


This is the conception and implementation of the rules and regulations framework required within the family management system for an organized functioning of the family business. It also allows the optimization of activities and responsibilities of proprietors and directors, creating an atmosphere of transparency and efficacy.

An exhaustive analysis of the governance bodies as a starting point helps detect the family business management system needs, and quickly address them to strengthen the performance of the business and improve future decision-making processes.

The process of design, planning and implementation of the tools along with the experts, allows the definition of a clear path where all efforts are aligned. It also allows detecting improvement areas within the particular functions or characteristics of each family group.

The enterprising families that engage in this formalization process will:

  • Deploy a Corporate Governance system adapted to the complexities of the family business, promoting transparency and efficacy in the decision making processes.

  • Implement tools to strengthen the family management system, guided by experts.

  • Provide the governance bodies with the regulations required for the execution of every plan and objective.

  • Positively impact the decrease of conflict levels within the family management system.


By structuring and professionalizing the governance bodies of the family business, we have accomplished the transformation of its management system and guide the families to improve the decision making processes about the patrimony and the future.


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