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Board of Directors or Administrative Council


We develop the platform to support the relationship of the enterprising family with their business. The Board of Directors or Administrative Council is the forum that defines the actions that will directly impact sensitive areas like strategic planning and future investments. In this context, we guide them through the different stages of the process of formation and reinforcement of a structure that contributes to the creation of value and wealth in the family business.

The Board of Directors should be multidisciplinary and, preferably, multigenerational. There must be a balance in the relationship with ownership, leadership of family members and presence of external directors in order for the Board of Directors to become a platform to facilitate generational succession in the business administration. 

The development of this platform involves a series of steps that steer the alignment the Board of Directors’ objectives, beginning with the diagnose and design of a structure which is tailored to the needs of the family project, and is followed by the accompaniment during the start-up of this multidisciplinary team.

This process allows the family group to:

  • Establish differentiated objectives for each of the governance bodies, Board of Directors and Family Council.

  • Create an adequate structure for the Board of Directors, adapted to the reality of the family project and the enterprising family.

  • Positively impact the patrimony and the investment decisions.

  • Implement the good practices of a professional business administration.

  • Guarantee a decision making process free of subjectivities that protects the shareholder’s patrimony.

  • Work with methodologies that are adapted to the enterprising family business model.

  • Decrease the conflict risk among the family members within the Board of Directors, and within the family group.


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