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7th International Forum of Family Businesses. The value of mistakes in the Family Business: True failure is not trying


The International Forum “The value of mistake in the Family Business: True failure is not trying”, conducted in October, was organized by the Center of Family Businesses of the Universidad de Monterrey, with whom Exaudi Family Business Consulting has a strong collaboration relationship in training processes. Every year, this center invites members of enterprising families and strives to bring together a group of leading experts to discuss the main challenges that enterprising families face, best practices and case studies that allow to delve into issues that are not easy to address. The forum this year was dedicated to develop topics around the culture of mistake, interpreting it as a system that allows the family to learn and reinvent themselves to assume leadership in changing environments, how to create an environment conducive to the preservation of the entrepreneurial spirit in the enterprising families, and how conflict can be managed so that the family business benefits from situations that may normally seem adverse.

The International Forum of Family Businesses was transformed into a collective learning space where panelists and members of family businesses shared their experiences through experiential activities and discussions.

Albert Bosch, adventurer, expert in clean energies projects, lecturer, and ally of Exaudi Family Business Consulting, was in charge of leading the audience to a world full of anecdotes and reflections, in the main lecture: “The value of mistake: True failure is not trying”.

Guillermo Salazar moderated the panel discussion: “Creating conditions for entrepreneurship in the family business” whose participants were members of enterprising families who have managed to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit, expanding and integrating new generations through initiaves and projects.

Ernesto BarriosMonterrey, Mexico