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12th Americas Families in Business Conference

Left to right: Ferran Fisas, Pablo Aure Fariñez, Mauricio Chaparro, Guillermo Salazar and Lisa Morel

Left to right: Ferran Fisas, Pablo Aure Fariñez, Mauricio Chaparro, Guillermo Salazar and Lisa Morel

The 12th Americas Families in Business Conference was held on March 25, 26 and 27 at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami. An event organized by Campden Wealth Americas. The objective of the convention focuses on the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices around the growth of family businesses bringing together experts as well as members of enterprising families from the Americas, leaders in their region because of their professional trajectory and for achieving the transmission of their legacy from generation to generation.

The Exaudi Family Business Consulting team was among the group of expert lecturers, sharing their experiences in issues that represent a challenge for enterprising families.

One of the aspects worth highlighting is that enterprising families that take on the challenge of building a generational changeover process are doing so within environments with a higher change rate, compared to the past. In addition to the need to implement technological adaptations, develop new business models and develop internationalization processes; family businesses in Latin America face environments where fiscal policies, economic, social and political instability are part of the variables to be considered as external forces of special importance in recent years.

During the workshop “Sibling Family Business”, Guillermo Salazar and Pablo Aure explained how dynamics between siblings in the family business based on communication and honesty contribute to the well-being of the family and the business. Mr. Salazar and Mr. Aure emphasized the importance of defining roles for each sibling and their contribution to the growth of the business and the preservation of the legacy.

On Tuesday, March 26, Ferran Fisas introduced attendees to one of the most important subjects in the succession process through the lecture “Millennial &Gen Z Dynamics: How tomorrow’s generation will be impacting your family business”. Mr. Fisas discussed key points on how to involve new generations in the family business, promoting values, culture and beliefs as foundation to build the sense of belonging and pride of the youngest members of the enterprising family. These are central elements for the development of leadership and the conservation of the legacy.

Facing scenarios full of challenges, the family business continues to be the most important drivers of productivity in the region. Family businesses have demonstrated that they continue to strengthen and fulfill their commitment to continue growing, reinventing themselves and contributing to generate stability to economy. From Exaudi Family Business Consulting we remain committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge to promote the evolution and conservation of the family business in its main role in global economy.

Ernesto BarriosMiami, USA